PRODUCTS : Cosmetics

We have a wide range of products for the cosmetics and personal care sector. 

​Natural oils
Crude and refined manufactured specifically for the cosmetic industry.
​Essential oils
Domestic origin and from around the world.
​Synthetic oils
With a wide range of properties.
From vegetable or animal origin, and paraffin based.
Natural Dyes from mineral and vegetable origin.
Synthetic Dyes.
Water soluble dyes.
Synthetic fat-soluble dyes.
​Fragrances and flavors
They are taylormade, according to customer requirements.
We have a catalog of plastic, glass and metal containers.
​Active ingredients
We offer a range of active ingredients that contribute to enhance cosmetic properties, and mechanisms of action.
- oxidation.
- energy.
- immunity.
- communication.
- epidermal structure.
- dermal structure.